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Azealia Banks Says She Was Treated Like an ‘Animal’ on a Flight to Ireland: ‘Play You Like It’s Not Racism’

Azealia Banks had some venting to do Monday after the rapper claimed she was forced to leave an Aer Lingus flight that was taking her from London to Dublin for a show.

The Harlem rapper gave her side of things in now deleted Instagram Story videos, and the incident began after she stored her luggage in the overhead bin. At one point, a flight attendant asked Banks some questions that she couldn’t answer without her passport.

Azealia Banks said she was the victim of racism on an overseas flight.


So as she was searching for it, Banks said the attendant sat down a few seats from her and began staring. In response, Banks said she insulted the woman but never made any threats.

“Girl, don’t stare at me. I didn’t fill out, like, your Aer Lingus work application,” Banks claimed she told her. 

But Banks said the woman went to the pilot and told him the rapper screamed “Don’t stare at me, I’ll sort you out,” which she denied.

“I’m like, ‘What are you f—ing talking about?'” Banks stated. “I’m from New York City, I don’t even say s— like that.’”

The 27-year-old then said she felt like an animal, because the other attendants surrounded her and gave a lecture. The rapper then left the flight on her own volition and has since been banned from the airline.

“Getting singled out by the haggard old white ladies every f–king time,” Banks said about the incident. “They’re like ‘Oh, who is this Black girl in business class?’ … They always trying to play you like it’s not racism.”

In 2015 Banks got into an altercation with a man on a Delta flight from New York to Los Angeles. The “Ice Princess” creator said a fellow passenger punched her in the face, but the man said he put his hand up to stop her from passing him after the plane landed and she wanted to get off.

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