‘Who Asked Her for This?’: Fans Trash Erica Mena’s ‘Prayer’ Used to Attract Safaree Samuel

As it’s been reported, Safaree Samuels popped the question to Erica Mena on Christmas Eve, and he’s been gushing about her ever since. Mena has also been posting photos of the New York native and saying how happy she is to be with him.

On Monday (Jan. 21), Mena shared a message about how she snagged Nicki Minaj‘s ex but some fans weren’t impressed.


“I’m getting a lot you queens wanting to know what prayer I used,” wrote Mena. “No lie, my days were becoming longer than my nights, praying all the time for everything I have now. But my prayers weren’t answered until I got rid of the devil’s work and really stepped up for everything I’m truly worth.”

“Don’t question the timing,” she added. “Just understand that settling will be your downfall … No prayer can be answered if you don’t know your wealth.”

Right away a lot of people said Mena and Safaree’s union is fake and it was created just for their show “Love & Hip-Hop.” It’s also been said the two reality stars are gunning for their own show by pairing up. One person even brought up married couple Ciara and Russell Wilson as examples of two people who could give advice on how to get a mate.

“Sis, I am sorry but no one asked you about your ‘Love and Hip-Hop’ prayer about you and Safaree,'” someone wrote. “Don’t @ me. If this was Cici and Russ y’all could say otherwise.”

“Nobody asking for a prayer to get a Safaree, sis,” another person chimed in. “Calm down.”

“But don’t nobody want that prayer,” a third person commented. “Speaking for a friend.”

Mena hasn’t responded to the negative comments yet.

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