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Attorney for Mom of Gucci Mane’s Son Says Boy Is ‘Severely’ Autistic, Adding Urgency to Need for Additional Child Support

The mother of rapper Gucci Mane’s kid is hoping to get her child support increased for their 11-year-old son. But while blogs have run with the massive request, Sheena Evans’ attorney says there’s a major piece of information missing from the reports.

A hearing on Evans’ child support battle with the rapper was held last week, and she asked the judge to have the Atlanta MC’s payments boosted from $2,026 a month to $20,000, according to a Jan. 18 report from The Blast.

During the hearing, Evans’ attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, said her client relies on food stamps, Medicaid, and is living in Section 8 housing. Meanwhile, Evans’ lawsuit filed in 2018 states Gucci is raking in more money than before he was released from prison in 2016. She claimed her ex had dropped a significant amount of money on jewelry and spent more than $1 million on his wedding to wife Keyshia Ka’Oir. Evans believes that serves as proof that Gucci is capable of paying her more to care for Keitheon.

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However, Gucci rebutted the claim that he lives extravagantly and denied that his wedding cost that much. He also said his income has not changed since his prison stint nearly three years ago. Additionally, the rapper said he is already financially backing his son’s health insurance and medical expenses. As such, Gucci doesn’t feel an increase in payments is warranted and wants the case to be thrown out.

But according to Evans’ attorney in a Wednesday interview, there’s a major piece of the puzzle that has not been reported.

Graham called into V-103’s “The Morning Culture” Jan. 23 and disclosed Keitheon has a serious developmental disorder.

“The issue that most people are not aware of is that we are dealing with a minor child that has severe autism,” she explains. “He has to have care 24 hours a day. He has the type of autism where he is non-verbal. He’s also a runner. And so, because of that and the lack of finances that Ms. Evans has, she has to govern her whole life around the care of this child.”

Graham added that although her client can work, taking care of her son is her primary focus as he is unable to attend school on his own. The lawyer also disclosed that Evans’ son doesn’t have a set schedule like most children do.

“If she has to do things like go to court like she did last week, she has to have a family member attend school with the child,” the attorney explained. “Because the support she gets now is not sufficient for her to get a caretaker and some of the other needs that he needs, like therapy, is not covered by insurance, she has to take on this awesome responsibility by herself with the help of family members and family friends.”

As for why it took so long for Evans to come forward with her child support increase request, Graham said Gucci Mane’s ex doesn’t have access to his personal cellphone and must get in touch with him through a personal assistant. The assistant is the one who accepts or rejects a request for a special therapy session, for instance.

“She tried for years to avoid going to court and when she realized there was simply no other way than to proceed in this fashion that’s what she did,” Graham said. “She also had to find someone to assist her, she has no money.”

The attorney did not comment on the litigation but said the case is ongoing.

As for whether or not Gucci is using his visitation to see his son, Graham said, “Well, why don’t you ask him that?”

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