‘LHHMIA’ Viewers Question Veronica Vega’s ‘Blackness’ After Seeing Her Grandmother

Love and Hip Hop: Miami” viewers are not buying Veronica Vega‘s claims of being Black.

Last season, Vega, who’s of Cuban and Venezuelan descent, came under fire for constantly using the word “nigga.” She defended her use of the word by arguing that she was “absolutely Black” and grew up “in the hood” of Hialeah, Florida. She also claimed one of her great-grandmothers was of African descent, therefore, she felt entitled to say the slur without it being offensive to anyone.

During last night’s episode, Vega revealed that she was struggling to “take care” of her family despite fans thinking she was successful. She met up with Atlanta producer Polo Da Don to discuss her stagnant music career.

Polo told Vega that he and his label invested $1.97 million into her music vocation and that he had personally sold his house to take a chance on her career but so far the return has been extremely low.

Afterward, Vega sat down with her grandmother and sister to tell them how the meeting went. She was in tears while explaining to them that she was struggling financially.

Veronica Vega

photo credit @VH1 screenshot from left: Veronica’s Sister Gina (L), Veronica’s Grandmother, and Veronica Vega (R).

“People think this is a b–tch that has everything,” Vega said. “Nobody really knows I have nothing … Like it doesn’t let me live in peace.”

However, “LHHMIA” viewers refused to offer any sympathy for Vega and were more concerned with her non-Black grandmother who appeared in the scene.

“Veronica wants us to feel bad for her 😩, but… naw. $1.97 what! Girl and your grandma ain’t Black,” one fan tweeted.

“Girl stop all this damn crying and Didn’t you say your grandmothers are Black,” another tweeted.

“All that screaming last season “I’m Black, I’m Black.” Where’s the Black!?”

“I don’t feel bad for her at all. Ain’t no way in hell $1.97 million for her white ass!” another exclaimed.


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