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Mona Scott-Young Sets the Record Straight About ‘LHH’ Stars Blaming Producers and Editing for Their Behavior

Mona Scott-Young, the creator of the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise, answered the age-old question: How much real is there in reality television?

She was asked that by “The Real” host Loni Love, who wanted to know how much of the  drama is authentic and what’s actually created by producers. Scott answered the question without hesitation and assured that everything viewers see on her shows is real.

Mona Scott-Young said her reality shows aren't scripted during an interview on "The Real."


Wouldn’t it be great if we could just have someone that we could just say ‘They made me do it?’ as we go through life every single day,” she explained.”We all do things that we do everyday that we think about, we’re not proud of, we don’t love, wouldn’t it be convenient if there was somebody we can point to and say it’s all their fault?”

“I always say it’s not a magic box,” she continued. “That camera? We all do things that we look back at, and we wish we had handled differently and maybe not have done or said that, and it’s easy to point the finger and blame producers for that. But these guys know, none of it is scripted, it’s all them. Own up to it.”

Afterward, people debated about whether Mona’s claims were true, and one person said although the shows may not be completely scripted, they’re not all the way real either. That’s because producers force certain storylines to come together.

“It may not be scripted like a movie with quotes and stuff, but we all know damn well that the people behind the scenes set the actors up and manipulate the situations to the point of people fighting over dumb stuff,” that person theorized. “Mona needs to own up to what she creates … Every other producer does the same.”

You can watch a clip of Mona’s visit to “The Real” below.

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