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‘Black Ink Crew’: Genesis Insinuates Reunion with Sky Days Was All ‘4 a Baggg’

As the drama continues to unfold during “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” the “Black Ink Crew: New York” franchise is still in the conversation.

VH1 star Sky Days appears to be back on the outs with her two sons Genesis and Dessalines after reconnecting with them during season 7.

Days’ eldest son, Genesis, reposted a photo he took with his mother and brother in August 2018. In his caption he implied that everything on reality television isn’t always what it seems.

Sky Days


“U see what happens on camera 🎥 .. but have no klue what goes on behind da’ scenes…🤭,” Genesis wrote on his Instagram account Thursday, Jan. 17, while turning off the comments.

Fans also seem to think that Days is no longer in contact with her children.

“So you dont like your birth mother, Sky?” one fan asked.

Another added, “Why we can’t comment on the pic u just posted. I hope you’re still in a good space with your mom👀😒.”

Days, 34, reunited with both of her sons two seasons ago after giving them up for adoption in her early teens. She established a solid bond with her youngest son, Dez, who she kept in contact with after the season ended, but almost came to blows with her son Genesis on two different occasions.

Genesis expressed last season that he resented Days for going so long without calling them or wishing them a happy birthday.

“It’s like an emptiness,” Genesis told Dez last season. “You just growing up as a kid you don’t know why you so mad [or why] you mad at the world for no reason.”

Although Genesis was disappointed with his mother’s actions, he met with Days, and the two hashed out their differences. The season ended with Days making amends with both of her sons and all three of them seemingly leaving on good terms.

However, it appears that Days’ heartwarming reunion with Genesis and Dez may have been for show. On Dec. 29, Genesis alluded to only appearing on television for a check and seemingly implied that his reunion with Days wasn’t authentic.

A fan tagged Genesis and his brother Dez in an Instagram post that asked, “@Dez_Raymond88 are you @g_heffner still in touch with your mom @flyytattedsky?”

Genesis responded, “Keep me outt dat sh*t. B*tch I only do datt sh*t 4 a baggg.”

Another user joined in the conversation by accusing the aspiring rapper of using his mother for fame. One fan defended Genesis by stating, “Using her?! She owes him a whole life time of sh*t. She used him by bringing him to the show!!!!!”

Genesis replied to the user defending him, “U smarter dan’ alotta dumb ass people.” He also added several clapping emojis when another user accused Days of using her sons for a storyline.

Days has yet to address the alleged falling-out with her sons.

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