Throw the New Crew Away! ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Fans Tell Ryan to Fire New 9 MAG After Fight with His Assistant

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” viewers aren’t feeling Ryan Henry‘s new hires to his 9 MAG tattoo shop.

In season 4, Henry parted ways from his longtime friends and former 9 MAG employees Charmaine Walker, Van Johnson, Danielle Jameson, Don Brumfield and Phor Brumfield after feeling like he wasn’t respected as the owner of the shop. He relocated to a new shop and hired a completely new staff of employees, including Bella the shop assistant, tattoo artists Junior Diaz and Lily Barrios, and his new shop manager Brittany.

Ryan Henry

Ryan Henry has a madcap shop full of new employees this season. (photo: VH1)

Before the premiere of season 5, Henry was given the chance to buy back the old 9 MAG location, where his former staff still worked. He took advantage of the opportunity by relocating back to the shop, getting rid of his old staff and bringing aboard his new team.

However, the behavior of Henry’s new employees seems to be leaving a bitter taste in fans’ mouths. In the latest episode of “Black Ink,” Brittany, Bella and Barrios seemingly objected to Henry’s demand after he told them they were no longer able to drink alcohol on the job. The three employees responded to Henry’s order by rolling their eyes and mumbling under their breath.

To add injury to insult, Barrios and Brittany later got into a physical confrontation with Henry’s new personal assistant Gina after she jumped to their boss’ defense.

Fans appeared to be over the new employees’ unprofessional behavior and called for the new 9 MAG staff to be fired.

“Ryan need to get rid of everybody fighting in his shop. I’m over for the bs!” one fan exclaimed.

Another tweeted, “The new crew acts f–king to ratchet for me. Ryan needs to send them back where he found them.”

A third added, “The next time someone questions Ryan, he just needs to fire em. T his man is the BOSS! These new people are really fu–ing up the show 🙄.”

Henry later demoted Brittany from the shop’s manager to piercer for fighting his assistant Gina.

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