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Lil Wayne, Migos Sued by Man Who Claims They Set Up Shell Companies in Fraudulent Promotions Scheme

Lil Wayne and all three members of Migos are being accused of setting up fraudulent companies to collect show money.

According to The Jasmine Brand, a man named Ramin Natan is suing the rappers, as well as their touring companies, after he loaned $500,000 to Eric Stenger, another individual, to promote Wayne and Migos’ concerts in 2017.

Lil Wayne and Migos are being accused of setting up fake companies to collect show money.


But Natan said Stenger lied about being a concert promoter and was in cahoots with the rappers from the start. Natan claimed that Migos and Wayne were paid from the $500,000 loan, and it was never given back to him.

In fact, he called the men “ponzi scam artists” and alleged that Wayne and Stenger created shell companies just to get the funds.

This is the second time in the past year that Migos and Lil Wayne’s names came up in a lawsuit. Weezy, as has been widely reported, was victorious in his ongoing case with Birdman after he sued him for $51 million in 2015. Wayne said that Cash Money never gave him all of his advances, just a portion, and they were stopping him from releasing new music.

Wayne and Birdman settled the suit in June of 2018 and according to The Blast, Wayne walked away with an amount “well over $10 million.”

Migos’ case is in a different stage, however, since it’s still somewhat new. In October of 2018, a rapper named M.O.S. said the trio stole his song “Walk It Like It Talk It.” M.O.S. said he released a cut with the same name on a mixtape in 2008, and their version sounded far too similar. He sued the Atlanta group, as well as their label Capitol Records.

Natan’s lawsuit seeks the return of $500,000 and damages from all the parties he’s suing.

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