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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Fans Say Pepa’s Young Boyfriend Has No Business Trying to Play Alpha Male to Family

Growing Up Hip Hop” stars Egypt and her brother Tyran found themselves in a bind in a recent episode after their mother’s boyfriend tried to take on the patriarch role at their family meeting.

The “GUHH” season premiere kicked off with a bang on Thursday night after Egypt’s boyfriend Sam got into a physical altercation with her brother Tyran.

Tyran was upset that Sam and Egypt were seconds away from eloping in Las Vegas without informing the family. The couple’s wedding was stopped by Pepa, Tyran and Pepa’s niece Tee-Tee.

Egypt and her boyfriend finally came face-to-face with her relatives following her failed elopement. Sam angrily confronted his almost-was brother-in-law for crashing the wedding and abruptly lunged threateningly toward Tyran. However, as is typical for reality TV, the would-be combatants were quickly separated when We TV security intervened.

Pepa, 52, who was in a different room when her son and daughter’s boyfriend got into a fight, called for a family meeting the next day. Egypt, Tyran, Sam, Tee-Tee and Pepa’s 29-year-old boyfriend Aundre Dean all attended the gathering.

However, Pepa’s children and niece noticed that Dean was seemingly trying to lead their family meeting and take “charge” as if the patriarch of their family. In the middle of Pepa telling her kids to never “fight each other,” Dean interrupted her and added, “So what the hell we doing fighting our family among each other at somebody else’s family event?”

Egypt, Tyran and Tee-Tee gave Dean the side-eye as he tried to mediate the situation. Tee-Tee particularly seemed confused when Dean called her relatives his “family.”

Fans also felt the 29-year-old overstepped his boundaries by trying to play the father role.

“Woah dre simmer down ‘Our’ family ni–a 😮 you just got here. You are not their father Dre!”

“The bodyguard trying to be Daddy in the family. LMFAO. The kids have unified against Dre!”

“Oh sh*t! They plotting on Dre now. Lmao when did he become ‘family.’ Negro you were just the bodyguard last week. If you don’t GIT 😭!”

Pepa , an alumna of rap group Salt-N-Pepa, came under fire in May 2018 after a woman claimed she was married to Dean. She also said she and Dean were expecting a baby in July.

Pepa told fans that she planned on addressing the allegations by telling a fan, “Everyone will know the deal when it’s time because I’m gonna do it big.”

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