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‘Be Like Oprah!’ Steve Harvey’s Simple Tech Request Derailed After Fans Start Begging for Gifts

Comedian Steve Harvey was up to his neck in the latest technology and gadgets as he explored the CES 2019 conference this week in awe. When he asked what other innovative products he should look out for, fans gave him their wish lists instead.

“This stuff here is amazing!” Harvey wrote on Instagram. “[I’m] really excited to be here at @ces. Thank you to the great guys at @lamborghini and @samsungus for making my experience fun!”

The annual conference, put on by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), showcases over 4,500 of the nation’s leading manufacturers, producers and suppliers in the consumer technology industry. In a video, Harvey said he had just seen an “incredible” massage chair by Lamborghini, as well as the massive 219-inch, ultra HD “Wall” TV by Samsung.

“I’ve gotta get one of them …,” he told fans, although admitting he’s not much of a tech person. “Man, this new technology is out of sight. I’m learning so much … [so] if there’s anything you think I need to check out let me know. What should I be looking at in terms of tech?”

Fans quickly jumped at the opportunity to share their suggestions. There were some, however, who wanted Harvey to foot the bill for the coveted gadgets.

“Buy us all something … be like Oprah!!! Hahaha 👀,” one fan joked.

“Just buy me a laptop, thanks!” wrote another.

Another asked, “Hey Steve, when you pick up that new wall TV and massage chair, would you mind grabbing two of each and dropping one off at my place? We just finished our basement (ourselves) and those items would finish things off nicely for us!!! Thank you in advance.”

Not everyone was amused by the jokes, however, and wasted no time calling folks out.

“That’s the problem with ppl,” one critic began. “They always have a hand out. This man asked what should he check out, not what do you want @iamsteveharveytv to pick you up smh. Let the brother enjoy himself. He worked hard for it. Check it all out Mr. Harvey.”

Watch more in the video below.

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