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Keyshia Cole Seemingly Responds to Backlash After Saying the Parents of R. Kelly’s Accusers Didn’t Do Enough

Keyshia Cole caught a fair amount of backlash for saying the parents of R. Kelly’s accusers should’ve done a better job of protecting their children.

It’s something she said after the much-talked-about documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” aired, and Master P also blasted the parents for not doing more to keep their kids safe.

Keyshia Cole seemingly responded to backlash after saying the parents of R. Kelly should've been better protectors.


“The truth is I don’t like the parents,” he admitted. “Y’all know I ain’t gonna be on no reality show or Lifetime. I’ma be on CNN, straight up. It’s gonna get real, think about it. I’m not about to play with nobody, I’ma burn it down, I’m gonna do something.”

“Surviving R. Kelly” focused on the multiple sexual impropriety allegations against Kelly, some previously revealed and others heard for the first time. And like Master P, Keyshia said the parents should’ve shielded their children far better.

“But as parents, man, some people gotta do better at protecting their children,” she wrote. “I get what P was saying.”

People immediately criticized her stance and said no should be blamed but Kelly. But on Friday, Jan. 11, the “Love” singer seemingly responded and accused fans of not having a consistent level of admiration for her.

“One minute they love me for what I’ve been through and the struggle I’ve made it though,” she tweeted. “Then the next, can’t believe [my] struggle related opinion … If anybody know, I know. Trust that. I rest my case and I’m sleepy.”

“People want to know what your thinking only if your agree with what they think,” someone later commented. 

“That’s why you can’t be too expressive with the world with your emotions,” wrote another. “People just want to make you upset, because they aren’t happy. Let them be miserable.”

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