Keyshia Cole Faces Backlash After Saying the Parents of R. Kelly’s Accusers Should’ve Been Better Protectors

Master P recently said the parents of R. Kelly‘s accusers deserve blame, which Keyshia Cole agreed with. It’s something P has already been criticized for, and Cole is now getting similar backlash.

The No Limit rapper gave his opinion after viewing the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” and said the parents should’ve done way more to bring their children home.

Keyshia Cole said the parents of R. Kelly's accusers deserve more blame.


“The truth is I don’t like the parents,” said P. “Those parents shouldn’t have let that go that far. If you got love for your kids, you are going to war behind your kids. You ain’t doing no reality show.”

Cole didn’t say as much as P, but she did agree with his stance that more protection was needed.

“But as parents, man, some people gotta do better at protecting their children,” she wrote. “I get what P was saying.”

One social media user then criticized Cole and said the blame should fall solely on Kelly for his alleged crimes, not the parents. That same person also said Tameka “Tiny” Harris agreed with Master P.

“So far I count @KeyshiaCole and @TinyMajorMama who agree with Master P’s placing the blame on the parents and not R. Kelly himself. Do better,” that person wrote.

“Until your child is 18 they are your responsibility,” Cole shot back. “I never said R. Kelly wasn’t wrong but a lot starts at home with your parents, period. Don’t come at me and Tiny with the bullsh–. Do better.”

Many others joined the debate and some agreed with the Oakland raised-singer that the parents never should’ve let their daughters go to Kelly’s house. But Cole said regardless of who’s to blame, the fallen singer won’t be able to avoid spiritual karma.

“I’m not judging anyone and definitely not making excuses for a pedophile,” she wrote. “God sees all things and no human [is] exempt.”

Kelly has denied all of the allegations at this time.

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