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Tommie Lee Seen Passionately Kissing Scrapp DeLeon Days After Child Abuse Indictment

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee was spotted with her old flame Scrapp DeLeon, and things quickly got steamy.

The pair broke up in May 2016 after DeLeon cheated on Lee with multiple women before heading to prison, but the duo appear to be back on good terms. A video of Lee and DeLeon reuniting with each other surfaced online on Wednesday, Jan. 9.

In the video, Lee is seen hugging Scrapp with her legs around his waist before the two share several pecks on the lips. The two continue hugging before locking lips again for a long kiss.

Tommie Lee

photo courtesy@jonrossthestylist

The video appeared to have been posted by a friend of Lee’s who goes by “Jon the Stylist,” who wrote in his Instagram caption, “I took my baby [Tommie] to go back to her original love. I don’t know about these Queens but I know true love when I see it.”

Lee took to her Instagram Story on Thursday, Jan. 10, to address the viral video of her and DeLeon.

“The past few weeks I have not been in the best place emotionally, with no one by my side, Lee wrote. “Today I was genuinely happy to see my old friend that I haven’t seen in three years, We just talked. With all that I have going on I just really wish I could catch a break. … but once again the Internet wins.”

Tommie Lee

Tommie lee Instagram

Scrapp and Lee allegedly haven’t seen each other since DeLeon was sentenced to prison in 2016. He was arrested on drug-trafficking charges and was ordered to serve five years in prison and 15 years on probation. However, he seemingly got out on early release in October 2018.

Shortly after DeLeon’s release, Lee confirmed that she had no interest in getting back with her old boo by telling a female fan who tried to shoot her shot at DeLeon, “[He’s] all yours sis.”

Lee was allegedly dating fashion stylist Ian Connor, who’s been spotted in multiple videos and photos of hers. Connor also updated fans with Lee’s expected jail release just a few weeks ago in November after she was spent two months behind bars after an arrest on charges that included child abuse. Fans are quite curious about where Lee and Connor’s relationship currently stands.

“Yasssss lol but I thought she ain’t want him no more tho 😂😂😂 Ik Ian is mad mad!”

“But he said he wasn’t in love with her tho🤔 and where is Ian?”

Connor appears to have seen the video of his alleged girlfriend Lee and her old flame Scrapp kissing and hugging. The fashion stylist wrote on his Instagram Story on Wednesday night, “Ya’ll Hoes” and added, “Mission … Revenge.”

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