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‘S*** Happens:’ Ronnie DeVoe Owns Up to Owing Uncle Sam Hundreds of Thousands In Back Taxes

Days after a report emerged claiming Ronnie DeVoe and his wife Shamari DeVoe are facing a massive debt, the New Edition singer is setting the record straight.

Ronnie says he does, in fact, have a $367,000 tax lien against him from Uncle Sam, which dates back to 2013.

“Hey, there’s some truth to everything in life,” the Bell Biv DeVoe crooner told “The Domenick Nati Show” during a call with his wife on Saturday, Dec. 8. “I think we’ve all — at some point or another — had some tax challenges and owe Uncle Sam or doctored up some documents to be able to get some type of tax return or what-have-you. But yeah, ultimately it’s something that is there, it’s something that’s being worked on.

“It is definitely something that I’m not running away from,” he continues. “The IRS knows me, and I know them. And payments are being made. S— happens in life ultimately. But that was one year that was a really good year and money was used to be able to take care of some other things. Every year after that has been amazing and paid for and up to date so it’s all good, man.”

The singer and his wife then stated that they’re “not a perfect couple” but they “own up to our flaws.”

“We are human,” Shamari cuts in.

“We are human, but we’re not running away from anything … bring it on,” Ronnie adds.

Documents obtained by Radar Online Dec. 5 showed that a lien was assessed against Ronnie in November 2013 for the amount of $366,786.38.

Ellen Rodgers, the Real Estate Lien Clerk in the Real Estate Division from the Cobb County Superior Court, told the website that the lien will remain open until Dec. 25, 2023 “unless the IRS files a continuation.”

The home the DeVoes currently live in, which is located in Mableton, Ga., is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom home Shamari purchased in February 2018 for $535,000.

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