Lil Wayne Gets Ripped to Shreds For Outfit at College Football Championship: ‘Looking Like Dennis Rodman’


Lil Wayne performed at the 2019 College Football Championship on Monday, Jan. 8, and it seems like his outfit was the star of the show but not in a good way, according to the people who left comments.

The New Orleans rhymer hit the stage with the rock group Imagine Dragons, but Weezy was dressed in more rock star attire than they were.

Lil Wayne got clowned for the outfit he wore at the 2019 College Football Championships.

He donned a floppy black hat, Elton John-esque sunglasses with rhinestones on them, a scarf that nearly hung to the ground, and a multicolored fur coat that was extremely hard to miss.

After the performance, the jokes and memes came pouring in like water, and the rapper was compared to everyone from the McDonald’s character the Hamburgler to E.T.

One woman even imagined what the conversation was like between Wayne and his stylist when the outfit was chosen, and she wrote she out the dialogue.

“Stylist: Which outfit would you like to wear, sir?”

“Lil Wayne: Yes,” the person wrote.

People also made all kinds of comparisons about the 36-year-old and said he looked like an old lady.

“Lil Wayne looks like my grandma in her nightie,” another wrote. “Big glasses and talking to herself in the corner.”

“Why is Lil Wayne out here looking like Dennis Rodman?” another wrote.

“Tell me why Lil Wayne looks like Scooby Doo when he tried to sneak into the airport,” a third person commented.

Weezy hasn’t said anything about the outfit or the ridicule, but you can see his performance at the College Football Championship below.

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