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Queen Naija Stuns Fans with Beautiful Maternity Photos ‘She’s Glowing’

Singer Queen Naija recently shared a series of photos of her pregnancy that took the Internet by storm.

Naija, 23, who struck stardom with her YouTube channel a few years ago, took to social media on Thursday and shared a gang of stunning pictures from her maternity shoot featuring her boyfriend Clarence White and her son Christopher Jr.

The mother-to-be posed in a draping white gown in one of the photos as her boyfriend kissed her stomach. In another image, Naija shows off her bare belly in a robe and lingerie as her family gathers around her and the unborn baby.

Queen Naija


“My protectors 🙏🏽😍,” the singer wrote in her caption on January 3. “Clare said we look like we belong on a can of beans.”

Fans fawned over how beautiful the “Medicine” singer looked in her maternity photos.

“Wow. I love this picture. The simplicity & beauty of this is so amazing. Beautiful family 😍 Queen looks absolutely stunning.”

“She glowing and looks gorgeous! Breath taking beautiful! 😍😘❤️🙌.”

“So freaking gorgeous 😍 yall are seriously goals, business, couple, etc.. not because I think you’re “perfect” but because you freaking keep trying.”

Naija and White, 25, announced they were expecting their first child together in August 2018. The couple began dating last year shortly after she divorced her ex-husband Christopher Sails in 2017 after he allegedly cheated on her.

The artist got her claim to fame on a YouTube channel she started with Sails in 2016. When the couple split a year later, she created her own account that focused on her music. In 2018, she debuted her top-charting single “Medicine” and was signed by Capitol Records. According to Billboard, “Medicine” received 13. 2 million streams and 17,000 downloads.

Naija recently made headlines after engulfing into a huge social media feud with “Superwoman” R&B singer Lil Mo. Mo blasted the 23-year-old for her performance at the 2018 Soul Train Awards in November 2018.

“Okay, from what I can see Queen Naija is a very very pretty girl. My daughters love her music…I pray she beats the odds, does numbers and remains humble. As for this cypher, maybe the pregnancy is prohibiting singing from the pit. Maybe she should’ve war cried or just sat this one out until her seasoning is to its fullest savor. I really don’t know much about her besides what the blogs post but I believe she can reach her fullest vocal potential outside of its mediocrity if she stays around vocal bibles,” Mo wrote on Instagram.

Naija responded to the veteran singer’s criticism on Twitter and added, “Word of advice from a young singer just now entering into the music industry, to VETS who’ve been in this game, ENCOURAGEMENT goes a long way. Someone could look up to you and adore you & you can completely ruin their view of you by speaking down on them.”

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