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K. Michelle Wows Fans with Natural Look

“Love Em’ All” singer K. Michelle wowed fans with an Instagram photo showcasing her beauty.

The singer turned reality-star took to Instagram on Wednesday and posted a self-portrait of herself. She sported an extremely subtle make-up look while flossing her cotton-candy pink hair.

She added, “Kimberly 💋” in the caption.

K. Michelle


Fans gawked over how beautiful the star looked.

“Now that’s the k.Michelle I remember … I just can’t dooooooo this I love her frfr she beautiful an smart an got just enough hood to no be ratchet dats bae K, 😍😍.”

“I like your Natural beauty. The implant. Black woman don’t need that. Stay natural😍🤗 .”

“This is an awesome look for you. It has grace and beauty rolled up in one 👀🔥💯.”

K. Michelle admitted in the past that she wasn’t always as confident with her appearance. During an interview with The Real in January 2018, she confessed to getting illegal butt injections because she thought it would help more men flock to her.

“I picked on everything on my body; teeth, waist, breasts, bottom, but I still was looking at this hurt person,” K. Michelle said. “I thought, I want to take it to the extreme. I’m having trouble with men right now, maybe if I had a huge butt I’ll get even bigger love.”

K. Michelle underwent four surgeries and two blood transfusions as a result of illegal silicone injections. Her botched surgery caused multiple health problems including migraines, fatigue and tissue damage in her lower body.

The 33-year-old singer expressed that since she’s removed her silicone injections, she’s felt more confident about her body.

“I’m happy with my body. It’s nowhere near the ideal that I had before, but when it’s all said and done, it’s going to be my body,” she said in an Instagram post.

K. Michelle is in the midst of launching her own show to help other reverse their cosmetic surgeries they had and now regret. The singer has yet to confirm a date of when the show is set to air.

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