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Nene Leakes Hits Back at Fan Who Disses Her Long-Held Blond Hair Color

Nene Leakes isn’t afraid to hit back at a fan, and she did just that on a recent Instagram post criticizing her hair color.

While gearing up to ring in the new year over the weekend, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared a shot in a side ponytail with dark roots.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be ❤️ #@anglershotel @KimptonAnglersHotel South Beach,” she captioned the Dec. 29 post.

nene leakes


Several fans ate up the cute pose.

“oh she’s feelin herself today huh.”

“I swear you must be aging backwards… @neneleakes you look younger here than your first season on the show!”

“Yesss! You’re that Barbie girl!! simply on 🔥🔥”

But one wondered if she’d ever ditch the blond hair she’s been rocking since “RHOA” season 4, which premiered in 2011. While Leakes may be fond of the hue of her locks, she has worn it at varied lengths. She went from a pixie cut in seasons 4 through 7, and the O.G. wife departed the show in season 8. When she returned in 2017 for season 10, she had long tresses to accompany her.

“when, are you going to change the hair colors? REALLY?” @karenp.johnsongrant said on the star’s recent post.

“@karenp.johnsongrant NEVER! When the f— u gone change yours.”

nene leakes


While the clapback may seem trivial, Leakes continually has been forced to defend her appearance. One of the main things the star has had to constantly confront is her ever-changing face — and her nose in particular.

In July, Leakes, who rocked a bob at the time, shared a selfie posing inside her car. The image was met with a remark from someone who said she looks “plastic” and pleaded with her not to have  any more surgeries.

“You crazy b—–!” Leakes exclaimed. “I work daily. When do I have time for surgery? I’m the type of b—– that will tell you what I have done and when! So stop with the s—! The same b—–es pages you go to telling them they’re pretty are the ones getting EVERYTHING done.”

On another occasion over the summer, Leakes had to make it plain that she did not chemically alter the complexion of her skin.

“@darraghgrier you need help! I’ll be praying for you because your eyes ain’t working fo ya,” the reality TV star said to someone who wondered, “What is it about brown women becoming famous that makes them bleach their skin???”

While one of the main points of criticism for Leakes’ appearance is her nose, she’s made it clear she has no issue with going under the knife to slim it down.

“People are constantly judging and picking people apart. It’s absolutely horrible,” she said on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2016. “I got my nose done first of all because I can and I will and I will get it done again if I want to.”

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