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‘Mona What You Not Gonna Do’: ‘LHHMIA’ Fans Scold Mona Scott-Young for Portraying Amara La Negra as a ‘Side Chick’

Viewers are not here for Mona Scott-Young depicting “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star Amara La Negra in a negative light in the new season.

Season 2 of “LHHMIA” premiered on Wednesday, Jan. 2, and La Negra appeared to be the center of the drama. Gunplay, who’s one of the main characters this season, accused La Negra of sliding into his direct messages on social media while he was in a relationship with his off-and-on girlfriend of four years. The incident will lead to a verbal altercation between her and Gunplay’s boo Keyera later on this season.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra (left) and Mona Scott-Young. (photos: VH1)

In addition to the Latina artist being accused of shooting her shot at Gunplay, she also finds herself in a sticky situation to the show’s newest addition, Jessie Woo. Woo gets into a physical altercation with La Negra later in the season after accusing La Negra of making inappropriate passes at her boyfriend.

LHHMIA viewers were extremely disappointed in the way La Negra was being depicted in the new season of the VH1 series and blamed “Love and Hip Hop” franchise producer Scott-Young for playing in a role in the singer’s bad rep.

“Mona what you are not gonna do is turn Amara La Negra into a villain especially over something that has zero receipts. You can miss me with that bull shit #LHHMIA,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I dont like how they’re portraying Amara right now.”

“Amara was saying in them dms. I think she is being targeted because she’s the breakout star and y’all want to break her down to keep her on the show. I hope this her last season,” another tweeted.

“Mona Girl. What you will not do is try to make me dislike Amara this season. Im not buying this Amara is trying to be a side hoe thing, “another added.

Amara La Negra warned fans a week before the season premiere that her appearance of the new season of “LHHMIA” was going to be completely different than her first season.

“Don’t Miss The New Season of @loveandhiphop on @vh1 January 2. Now on Wednesday nights. Let The Hate! The Envy!” La Negra wrote in an Instagram post on Dec. 30. “The Drama Begin! Im Ready in 5,4,3,2,1 This Season Things Just went Left. Its Definitely Different from season 1.”

La Negra became one of fan favorites of “LHHMIA” last season after telling her story about colorism in the Latino community. The Dominican-American singer said being a darker-skinned woman has hindered her career in the Latin music industry.

“I’ve always been black and my skin is like that, it comes in my DNA, it’s part of my race,” La Negra told the Chicago Tribune in 2018. “For years Afro-Latinos have been ignored. There is no Latin country where there are no blacks and they still don’t take us into account. They do not see us in soap operas, in movies, or on magazine covers. And it is not because we are not prepared, they do not consider us because they believe that we don’t look Latino enough and that bothers me.”


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