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Chance The Rapper Praised for Pulling Man from Burning Car

Chance The Rapper could change his name to Chance the hero if he wanted to.

A few days ago, the Chicago rhymer went on Instagram Stories to share some of his most memorable moments from 2018. The rapper revealed that he did something extraordinary on Easter Sunday: He saved a man’s life by pulling him from a burning car after it crashed.

Chance The Rapper said he saved a man's life on Easter Sunday


There’s no word on why the story never made national news or why Chano is just telling it now, but he’s being praised for his actions.

“Basically, I was driving to church dolo, about to go south on Lakeshore and another car drives into the wall in front of me going like 90 mph coming off the exit,” he recalled. “I was the only person out there when it first happened. And his car was on fire, so I had to break his window take off his seat belt, let his seat back and pull a whole grown man out the car unconscious.”

Up until recently, Chance had no idea if the man he saved survived, but he found out through a family member that he lived.

“A kid DM’d me saying it was his uncle and that he lived,” he tweeted.

Chance got all kinds of thank yous and kind words hurled at him afterward. “Chance giving someone a second chance at life,” someone wrote.

“God bless you always,” another person wrote. “And thank you for showing what humanity is all about. Bless up, bro.”

No word yet from the man who was actually saved, however. You can see footage of the wreck, which Chance posted below.

Chance The Rapper said he saved a man's life on Easter Sunday


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