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This May Explain Why Tiffany Haddish Bombed Her Comedy Show on New Year’s Eve

Tiffany Haddish’s new year got off to a rocky start when she went viral for bombing a comedy set on Dec. 31.

The comedian performed at James L. Knight Center in Miami as part of her “She Ready” tour, but things took a turn when fans began leaving the show. Audience members were seen getting up and walking out of the venue as Haddish ragged on her mother, who got released from a mental institution. Haddish said she told her mother to “punch me in the back” to burp her, according to TMZ footage. “The Last O.G.” star also took aim at her sister for hitting her up for money.

Haddish knew her set wasn’t going well, telling the remaining audience members, “This will probably be the only time you will see me like this. ‘Cause I’m never doing this again… I’ll never allow myself to be this wore the f— out.”

She also took a swig of Ciroc straight from the bottle, which she shared with an audience member.

Even before the set, Haddish explained on Instagram earlier that day that she had been out partying all night. The comedian seemingly forgot the name of the performance venue.

“I ain’t gon’ lie to you, I been out here in Miami since yesterday,” the star says in a Dec. 31 video. “I partied, I partied — not even night — I partied all morning. I went to bed at 7. It’s whatever time it is now. … I forgot the name of the venue … got to my website,, to find out where it’s at!”

“Ciroc still in my system,” she later says after managing to remember the name of her performance location. “The party’s lit, though!”

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Online, fans shared their disdain for Haddish’s actions.

“#SHENotReady – Went to see show in Miami it was terrible. Walked out.”

“No one was laughing. She kept saying. Well I thought that was funny. She was also reading from a iPad. We walked out. And other ppl was too.”

“So Tiffany Haddish was so sloshed that she was uncoordinated thru’out her sold out #NYE Miami show & the crowd walked out! Well I’m not surprised, she looked wasted in the video she posted on Insta yesterday when she was frank enough to say she’s been partying day & night. Shame.”

“Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened again,” the actress tweeted Jan. 1.

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However, her slip up also reminded some Twitter users of Katt Williams’ critique of her.

“You can’t tell me your favorite Tiffany Haddish joke. Why? Because she ain’t done a tour yet,” Williams said to Atlanta’s V-103 in September. “She ain’t done a special, she has not proven the ability to tell jokes back to back for an hour to nobody. And they all ready to down Mo’Nique. And up somebody who has shown them ‘Girls Trip.’ Do you think she wrote ‘Girls Trip,’ goofball? Or do you think that was already a script and they handed it to her.”

Regardless, several of Haddish’s fellow celebrities have tweeted their support of her.

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