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Fans Give Kirk Frost ‘One More Chance’ to do Right By Wife Rasheeda

When it comes to Kirk Frost and his adultery in his marriage with Rasheeda Frost, fans have been very vocal about their position. Now they seem to have given Kirk another chance to not make the same mistakes again.

Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost

Kirk and Rasheeda seemed to be on vacation together in Jamaica soaking up some sun. The boutique owner was seen in the back of the picture relaxing in a scarf. the star of the photo Kirk was in front taking a selfie.

Rasheeda shared the photo of her and her boo to her Instagram on Wednesday. In her caption she spoke about really needing a vacation. “Guess I needed this vacay huh @frost117 said I slept for at least an hour & a half & it was hot AF🤣🤣🤣”

The fans warned Kirk that he can not mess up their marriage anymore.

“I’m giving you ONE MORE CHANCE because I believe in changes. Please be good to her., I’m counting on you Kirk.”

“She gave him another chance. That takes a lot. And a lot of strength. But that’s how you get to . Your 50th anniversary. Take a lot of forgiving along the way.”

“Frost, ur so lucky I hope you count your blessing everyday u look at your wife.”

The fans decided to give Kirk another chance to mend their relationship, but it seems that Rasheeda did so long ago since the revelation this year that her husband’s cheating in recent years led to his fathering a child with a former stripper.

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