Tip’s Small Christmas Gift to Tiny Becomes Hugely Symbolic to Fans: ‘Let Them Ho-s Know’

Tiny posted a photo of herself to show some of the Christmas gifts her children bought her. The items include a pair of Chanel sneakers from her daughter and a bracelet from her son, but it’s the gift T.I. purchased that’s caused the biggest stir.

And the gift wasn’t an exotic car with a big red ribbon on it like in the TV commercials, nor was it a fur coat or a bunch of diamonds. Instead, Tip bought Tiny a simple necklace that says “Mrs. Harris,” Tip’s last name, which bears great significance considering the rapper admitted to being unfaithful.

Fans believe T.I.'s Christmas gift to Tiny is a message to his other women.

A lot of people thought the Atlanta rhymer was trying to send a message to Tiny that said even though he did cheat, those women will never replace his wife, who he’s been with for a number of years.

“Yes Tiny, rep your sh–, Mrs. Harris. Let them ho-s know,” one person wrote.

“I love your personality. Your beautiful,” wrote another. “Mrs. Harris never left. [Tip] had to figure things out. That’s what makes it stronger. Tip knows what he has. He ain’t going no damn where.”

Another person said the necklace is fine and all, but the rapper needs to constantly remind his wife that she’s No. 1.

“Make sure he stress that you’re Mrs. Harris,” that person wrote. 

In October T.I. addressed some of the reports that he’s been unfaithful with the song “Amazing Mr. F–k Up,” seemingly admitting he did Tiny wrong. It’s the most he’s addressed the subject in his music.

“It’s amazing all the sh– I done / Such examples I’ve been setting for my son / All she did was stay down and have my kid / All the time just to realize I ain’t sh–,” he rapped.

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