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50 Cent Calls Wendy Williams ‘The Most Famous Side Chick’ in the World Amid Rumors about Her Marriage Swirl

50 Cent posted a message about Wendy Williams, and it certainly wasn’t to wish her well. The two have been at odds for quite some time, so Fif took the opportunity to poke fun at a rumor that Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter has been unfaithful.

There’s also been talk that Hunter impregnated his mistress, who happens to live a few miles from the family’s New Jersey home. Again, at this stage all of this is just speculation, but that didn’t keep 50 from sending a shot.

50 Cent called Wendy Williams "The most famous side chick ever."



“The world’s most famous side chick Wendy Williams,” wrote the rapper. “Always in somebody sh–. She never talk about this. Lol.”

Many agreed with 50 and said Wendy is a victim of karma for always talking about other people’s relationship. And there was at least one person who believed the alleged cheating came from the 54-year-old being too preoccupied with others to pay attention to her own union.

“It’s her job to be a talk show host, not drag people’s name threw the dirt constantly,” someone commented. “She talked so much she could’ve been worried about her own tea and knew she was getting played. She was too busy in everyone else’s tea she ain’t realize her own.”

So far neither Wendy or Kevin have addressed the rumors, but their attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to Love B. Scott, the site that first ran the cheating story.

“Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr. Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your sources, even if not specifically enumerated herein,” the letter read.

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