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Nick Cannon Child’s Mother’s Response to Wendy Williams’ ‘Oops Baby’ Comment Backfires: ‘It’s Still a Mistake’

About two weeks ago, Wendy Williams raised many an eyebrow for calling Nick Cannon‘s child with Brittany Bell an “oops baby.”

“You were only with the girl, like, it just happened,” said Wendy when Cannon stopped by her show. “Then all of a sudden she was pregnant.”

Brittany Bell's response to Wendy Williams' 'oops baby' comment backfired.


Afterward, many praised Cannon for not responding angrily. In fact, he just laughed the comment off and never brought it up again. But Bell responded to Williams on Instagram and denied that her 1-year-old son, Golden Cannon, is anything less than a miracle.

“The honor of bringing life on earth is definitely not an oops,” she wrote next to a photo of herself sitting on top of Cannon.

Right away, some people agreed with Bell and said Wendy shouldn’t have said that about her baby.

“Definitely not an ooops,” one person wrote.

“She was so wrong for that,” wrote another. “Definitely a blessing.”

“@wendyshow, yeah, don’t ever refer to a baby as an oops. You look more like an oops,” a third person commented.

But others claimed the talk show host said nothing wrong, and her description of Cannon and Bell’s baby was accurate.

If it wasn’t planned then it was an ‘oops’ regardless of the blessing,” someone wrote. “Quite simple really. Posting provocative pictures isn’t helping your argument of not just being the baby momma. He already said on the same show that he ain’t with you.”

“If you’re not married or even a girlfriend, Wendy is right,” another person chimed in. “Too many women out there becoming single mothers. Definitely means there was some kinda oops involved.”

@wendyshow told the truth and now everybody mad,” a third person followed. “A accident can turn into a blessing, but it’s still a mistake. Get over it.”

Wendy has yet to apologize for the comment or even address it.

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