Haters Attempt to Body-Shame Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Pullins But Fans Rush to Her Defense


Zonnique Pullins‘ holiday picture got side-tracked by haters shaming the reality star for not having a curvy bottom. Her fans were not having it and came to the singer’s defense.

Zonnique Pullins

Pullins shared a holiday picture of her showing off a sultry outfit. The reality star is wearing a cocktail dress with black heels and long black hair. A big Christmas tree stands in the foreground.

The singer shared the photo to her Instagram on Wednesday. In her caption she simply wrote, “last pictures by the tree…”

The haters went after reality star about not having a bigger butt.

“She cute but a flat butt”

“🤔Butt look kinda flat in dis pic😜”

“it’s bc her thighs is thick but the way she’s standing like she squeezing in her butt cheeks”

“Do some squats that ass not poking like it should be. 🤔”

Fans came to her rescue to set some of those haters straight about body-shaming.

“Instagram has brainwashed y’all into believing a butt is an assest ones missing , when over half the ones you see are fake.”

” factz!! Hate Dem fake ass butts😃 the real fallen off I guest homie🤔”

“you so used to seeing them big fake asses”

Pullins got dragged a bit for this photo, but earlier this month when she shared to Instagram a racy photo of herself in Mexico, the fans left comments under the picture like “Ooooohhhhh baby a whole damn meal.”

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