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‘Breakfast Club’s’ DJ Envy Gets Into Heated Back-and-Forth Over Flaunting His Wealth: ‘I Work Hard’

If you don’t like it get off my page.

That was the basic message “The Breakfast Club’s” DJ Envy had for one of his followers, who criticized a Christmas video he posted.

The clip showed the many gifts Envy and his wife Gia Casey brought their children, and once everything was laid out, their living room looked like a toy department in a store. There were two dollhouses, miniature exotic vehicles, a race track, dolls, a high chair for the dolls, book bags, pillows, a toy baby carriage and plenty more.

DJ Envy argued with someone who thought he was bragging about his riches.


Envy said he and Gia assembled everything, too.

“Christmas in Queens was never like this,” he captioned the video. “And yes, @gia_casey and I put everything together. Well, Santa did.”

But at least one person thought Envy was bragging by showing the gifts, which sparked the back-and-forth.

“It’s too much,” wrote the follower. “We know you make a lot of money, and we also know it’s you’re right to post whatever you want on your Instagram page … But slow down a little. And I ain’t hatin’ either. I have a lot of love for you and your beautiful family but just chill a lil’ bit. I get the it’s motivation, not flossing but be mindful of the less fortunate.”

The message definitely rubbed the New York radio host the wrong way and upset him.

“It’s Christmas,” wrote Envy. “I work f—— hard, have five jobs and I’m proud of myself. And if you don’t like it un-follow. And btw, if you follow me you would see how much I give back.”

The follower then responded and said no harm was meant but still stuck to his or her beliefs.

“I wasn’t looking to pick a fight,” the person wrote. “I actually have a tremendous amount of respect for you and your hustle. You definitely get busy. No need to lose your composure and start cussing … We just have a difference in opinion. I have a lot of money too. I just choose to be a little more discreet about it. But that’s me. Everyone got their thing.”

Envy shot back after that and said the Christmas video represents not only success for him but that he was able to make a lot of money legitimately.

“I’m from a place where a lot of my childhood friends are either locked up or still living on the same block,” he wrote. “I got out the right way. Never sold drugs, never robbed anyone. Went to college, got my degree and took some of my friends with me. So when I post my car, my jewelry, my home, my investments, I want my community to know they can do it the right way.”

After that, the follower joked that Charlamagne Tha God would call Envy’s reaction a, “light skin moment,” while Envy retorted with: “He would probably call you a cr—er too. So what’s your point?” It’s safe to say, the follower may opt out of sharing their opinion on Envy’s decision to flash his wealth in the future.

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