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Tammy Rivera’s Daughter Charlie Receives Praises for Her Fashion

Tammy Rivera‘s daughter Charlie Rivera‘s wardrobe always seems to keep the fans talking. This time they are loving it and think that her outfit is unique and fashionable.

Charlie Rivera

Charlie’s mom shared a photo of her posing like she’s on the cover of a magazine. In the photo, the teenager is seen wearing a purple winter coat with matching purple joggers and a purple crop top. She is also flaunting her uniquely styled blond faux locs.

The reality star shared the photo of her teenage daughter to Instagram on Monday. In the caption she wrote, “My teenage unicorn 🦄 @tammiesangel.”

The fans absolutely adored Charlie’s original style.

“she is serving the people honey.”

“giving these girls LOOKS”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up modeling. She does it so naturally.”

“When you let your kid express themselves. So young but original already.”

One of the fans admired the way Charlie likes to dress and compared it to other girls her age. “Baby stuck in the wrong era.. she gives me nostalgia 90 vibes.. and I love how she still dresses like a kid… these lil girls now be looking grown as f*ck!!”

Not too long ago haters claimed that little Charlie dressed too grown and bashed Tammy for allowing her to wear inappropriate clothing. In September, Tammy shared a photo to her Instagram of her daughter wearing a crop top, and fans lost it. They left comments like, “Exactly …. theirs a age to be sexy and a age to be innocent . 13 you just wearing a bra . Why you have to show skin ? You’re a Baby 🍼”

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