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Meghan McCain’s Message About Being ‘Kinder’ Spirals Out of Control: ‘Why Don’t You Set This Example?’

ABC’s Meghan McCain sparked controversy with a recent tweet about kindness.

McCain is known for being quite outspoken and opinionated. On Saturday, “The View” host weighed in on the mental health discussion surrounding comedian Pete Davidson who’s allegedly been suffering from depression.

The 34-year-old took to Twitter on December 15 and wrote, “We need to be kinder to each other… Like I said on the show – it is okay if your holiday is not easy and happy. … Sending love and light to Pete Davidson…”

Meghan McCain

The View Host Meghan McCain sparks controversy after telling people to be nicer.

However, McCain’s positive message wasn’t well received from fans who felt her past actions weren’t the best example of “kind” behavior.

“Why don’t you set this example? Could help,” one person barked at the “View” host.

Another added, “Be kind starts with you…sometime you’ll get a reminder that comes without warning. … Practice what you preach.”

One fan eluded to McCain’s recent debacle with “View” co-host Joy Behar, after she snapped on her colleague for trashing President Trump.

“You were not kind to Joy when you interrupted her and snapped at her on air,” the Twitter user wrote. “Being kind means respecting others when they are speaking. Being kind means not interrupting someone. Who are you to dictate what each person talks about?”

Others completely related to McCain’s heartfelt message.

“This is my 3rd Christmas without my husband …  I find this very reassuring. You’re going to miss your dad a lot, so take it easy on yourself,” one fan wrote.

“Very good Meghan You are right. Said a prayer for Pete 😢.”

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain shares warm wishes to Pete D.

McCain shared an Instagram post last week sympathizing for Davidson who’s also been under attack by social media following his split with singer Ariana Grande.

“I know what it feels like to be hated in the same way Pete Davidson does,” said the Fox News alum. “I do think it’s different when you’re someone like Pete Davidson or someone like us, it’s not just social media. Google me right now, there are articles written about me the past few days, what a huge bitch I am, how awful I am, the negativity and nastiness I’ve brought to the show. It’s real, it’s not just social media, it’s the media, as well.”

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