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Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Are at Odds After On-Air Spat — And Now Fans Are Choosing Sides

A tribute to President George H.W. Bush devolved into an all-out shouting match between “The View‘s” Joy Behar and Meghan McCain this week, leaving fans to pick sides.

Tuesday’s segment was off to a good start as the co-hosts honored the late Bush, who died Friday at age 94. Minutes into their discussion, Behar switched gears to criticize President Donald Trump over his blatant denial of climate change, arguing that if she were to ever become a one-issue voter, it’d be over environmental issues.

McCain, 34, didn’t take too kindly to the subject change, however.

Unlike Trump, Behar pointed out that Bush made great efforts to protect the environment  and signed into law the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, which she applauded as “one of the most sweeping environment statues.”

“As a candidate he said, ‘Those who think we’re powerless to do anything about the greenhouse effect are forgetting about the White House effect,'” quoting Bush’s 1998 speech.

The longtime host took aim at the current president once more, arguing that Trump seems adamant about “trying to unravel everything that he (Bush) did and Obama did …”

“Can we focus on the president, please,” McCain cut in. “I don’t want to talk about Trump, we’re honoring a great president.”

Behar, 76, was clearly bothered by the interruption and shot back, “Excuse me a second, please. I want to talk about – ” before being cut off by her colleague yet again.

“We’re honoring a great president who passed and I’m not interested in your one-issue voting,” McCain continued.

“I don’t care what you’re interested in. I’m talking!” Behar shouted back.

According to The Daily Mail, their on-air spat spilled over behind the scenes after producers cut the live feed, sending the show to commercial. In the clip, Behar is seen slamming her cue cards on to the table in a fit of rage.

By this time, producers had muted her mic, but sources close to the show told the news site Behar allegedly shouted, “My God!” and “Get this b—-h under control.”

The comedienne, who’s been on the show for more than 10 seasons, allegedly threatened to walk, saying, “‘If this s–t doesn’t stop I’m quitting this damn show … I can’t take this much more.”

“I’ve tolerated a lot of s–t on this show but I’m at my wits’ end with this entitled b—h,” she continued, fuming. “Enough already! Enough already! I’m not playing nice any longer.”

Show producers have reportedly dubbed McCain the “Ice Princess” and “Elsa” from the Disney film “Frozen” for her coldness toward show staffers, the source said. The heated exchange with Behar reportedly made the Fox News alum turn red.

“I don’t know why she’s so upset,’ McCain allegedly said. “I just wanted her to focus on President Bush and not bring Trump into this for once.”

Backstage was reportedly a frenzied mess, as was social media as fans jumped to Behar’s defense and condemned McCain’s “childish” behavior.

“It’s one thing to have an opposing view but this snotty spoiled brat attitude Meghan has by under cutting her co-hosts RUINS the entire show,” one Twitter use complained. “I love @JoyVBehar @sunny @WhoopiGoldberg but she has 100% triggered my PTSD every time I watch by her outbursts. #FireMeghanMcCain”

Another sounded off directly on McCain’s Twitter feed, writing, “I waited on the apology you definitely owe Joy. It never came. You are such a disappointment. I thought because you were John McCain’s daughter that you were better than that. I was wrong. You owe Joy an apology and those of us who wanted to hear what she had to say.”

“Still stunned that Meghan McCain was such a rude a disrespectful brat yesterday to joy, who does she think she is?” another critic wrote. “That was unprofessional, rude and mean-spirited and I hope Joy ripped her a new one after the show.”

Meanwhile, there were those who felt McCain was totally justified in her response.

“Thank you for standing up for honoring GHWB and telling off Joy yesterday,” one woman wrote. “You’re a class act.”

“I think you did the right thing asking Joy to focus on Bush Sr. and not talk [about] Trump,” said another. “I’m sure you’re taking heat for it, but good for you.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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