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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Don Brumfield Explains Why He Lost It on Producers And It Has Nothing to Do with His Cheating Scandal

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Don Brumfield went completely berserk on production during VH1’s recent holiday special, and now he’s explaining his reason for doing so.

VH1 aired “A Very Black Ink Christmas” on Wednesday, Dec. 19, a show that combined both “Black Ink” New York and Chicago cast members. The reality special recapped some of the show’s craziest moments from previous seasons, including the cast mates’ wildest incidents on social media.

“Black Ink Crew” executive producer Rasheed J. Daniel played a clip of Brumfield’s SnapChat cheating scandal in front of his wife Ashley and the rest of the cast. The Chicago native became enraged and demanded Daniel to turn it off. When the executive producer refused to do so, Brumfield began punching holes into Ceaser Emanuel‘s 125th Street tattoo shop in New York.

Brumfield later explained on Instagram Live that the Snapchat cheating footage wasn’t the reason he lost it. He claimed producers tried to play a clip that made fun of a family member suffering from mental health issues.

“I’m just here to clear up a lot of sh*t real quick so motherf*ckers don’t get it confused about how Don think, and how Don move. Real simple, man. Of course they gon’ edit it however they edit it. A lot of things were cut out. Understand this: when Don get mad, it’s always for a bigger purpose and a bigger reason,” Brumfield said on his IG Live recording.

“I got mad ’cause they wanted to try to make fun of one of my family members who already goin’ through sh*t. I don’t play that sh*t. So if I gotta lock the bag out and protect my people, I’m fine with doin’ that. Everybody knows I’m always an advocate for mental health, for people being tortured or attacked — I’m not on that. They already knew the video that they was really ’bout to show was an embarrassment.”

The father of three clarified that his anger had nothing to do with the Snapchat scandal and explained that he and his wife Ashley have moved past the video.

“If it was about the Snapchat video that’s so old that me and my wife are not arguing about no more … Don’t feel like you can do anything disrespectful like that in front of my wife, for us to sit there and think we gon’ be made fun of, and crack jokes on, in front of a roomful of people,” the tattoo artist added.

As for Daniel, Brumfield said the producer should be lucky he punched the ceiling instead of him.

“If I’m bogus for punchin’ a hole in the ceiling instead of punchin’ somebody in the face, then it is what it is. It’s just that ceiling was the closest thing to punch other than the person that I really wanted to get ahold of at the time.”

“Black Ink” fans chimed in on the incident with their opinions:

“Reguradless of what he did, that was disrespectful to his wife. She can ignore it if she want but it was forced on her 🤷🏽‍♀️ .”

“Here’s the thing, there would be no video of a girl sucking your 3rd leg if you weren’t cheating on your wife.”

“Throw the whole show away and the ceiling too 😂.”

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