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After Steve Harvey Said His Wife Needed to Chill on Decorations, Marjorie Harvey Shares Her Winter Wonderland

Steve Harvey recently revealed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that his huge holiday decorations are the brainchild of wife Marjorie Harvey and rather than taking things easy for Christmas like the comic requested, Mrs. Harvey went all out.

Marjorie gave fans a glimpse of how she put together the holiday display at the couple’s home and it did not disappoint.

The star took viewers through the spouses’ foyer, which included a mall Christmas tree that was a special part of Steve’s childhood and a small family ornament tree outside her grandchildren’s bedroom.

But the biggest display came outside in the backyard. There, two golden reindeer surrounded by red and gold ornaments stood tall.

“Here’s Dancer and over here, his buddy Prancer,” Marjorie says in the clip. “Let me tell you the story about these reindeer. So, I kept seeing these deer at the Four Seasons and was like, ‘I had to have them.’ So I’ve been talking about them for years. And so finally I got my two babies and they’re here. They flew all around the world, really, with Santa. They’ve been really, really busy. And finally, they landed a couple days ago so they got a new home with the Harveys.”

The huge set-upcomes just months after Halloween when Marjorie decked out the backyard in a carnival for the grandkids. Still, it’s a different look from what she originally planned.

“It was a lot my wife did,” Harvey told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month. “That’s just Halloween. Who does that for Halloween? I had to talk her down a little bit because Marjorie has a rational problem. I tried to get her to understand that we’re not Staples Center. You can’t bring all this stuff in here. For Christmas, she wants a little ice skating rink for the kids. And she says everybody gon’ ice skate. I can’t ice skate, I gotta go to work tomorrow.”

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