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Fans Say Southside Is ‘Hurt Hurt’ after His Explosive Rant on IG Following Split from Yung Miami

Southside and City Girls’ Yung Miami just broke up, and Southside is getting clowned for losing his cool about it.

“These rap h–s be lame as f—,” said the Houston producer on IG Live. “You feeling yourself. Stop feeling yourself … Nah, I don’t go with that h– no more. I don’t f— with that h–. I’m good. I’m all the way cool on it.”

A lot of people are making fun of Southside for posting an angry message after he and Young Miami broke up.


Southside then claimed that Miami said she was single on IG Live, which seemed to rile him up even more.

“Nobody don’t give a f— if you single,” he yelled. “Who cares? No one is gong to wife you, sweetie. They see what you really look like without your wig on and sh–, there not going to want to f— with you.”

Southside spoke badly about a vacation he and Miami took as well, which he said the City Girls rapper paid for. The producer also revealed that he had another baby on the way, so the breakup wasn’t a big deal to him.

“Baby shower on the way,” Southside continued. “F–k that vacation. She paid for that weak ass vacation. That weak ass spot. That shit made me sick anyways. That weak ass sh–. My vacations would cost a 100 bands. That’s how we get down. Stop playing with me. I’m gonna show y’all my vacation.”

It didn’t take long for people to accuse Southside of being overly emotional about the split, and they clowned him for it.

“This is what hurt looks like on a man,” someone wrote.

Another fan said, “Oh he MAD MAD with a tad bit of HURT HURT!”

“If he don’t care why comment?” another person questioned. “Stay strong, queen. Even if you loved him clearly he never deserved you.”

“Boy, you didn’t care about that baby until you found out you was single,” a third person wrote.

City Girls’ fans also got at Southside and came to Yung Miami’s defense in a big way.



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