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TLC’s Chilli Calls Cardi B Brave After Split from Offset: ‘I Have Gone Through a Public Breakup, and it is Not Easy’

Chilli sure knows what it’s like to have the public discuss her relationship.

The TLC singer and Usher were a hot item between 2001-2003, even though it was before social media, the paparazzi were still around, as were tabloids and gossip radio.

Chilli said Cardi B is brave for the way she's handling her split with Offset.


And because of those things, Chilli said she can empathize with Cardi B‘s very public split with Offset and called her brave because the TLC star shut down during the split from Usher while Cardi B has continued to sing and perform.

“I have gone through a public breakup, and it is not easy,” Chilli told People about her split with User. “When strangers know your business and want to chime in while you’re still dealing with the pain yourself, it’s difficult. Breakups are hard on anyone, but can you imagine if strangers knew your business? It’s rough.”

Many people suspected the 2003 split was due to the rumored love child Usher sang about on his “Confessions” album. However, Jermaine Dupri would later come forward and admit the songs were about his life and not Ushers.

As for Cardi, she hasn’t gone into details about the split, although Offset was rumored to be entertaining a threesome with Cuban Doll and her friend. And just like Chilli, Cardi hasn’t been asking for sympathy during the split, which the TLC member believes is the best thing to do.

“It seems like she is owning [the breakup] and she is like ‘Hey, this is what happened,’ and then she is still moving,” explained Chilli. “She may just look like that, yes, but I think that is a better image to portray than the damsel in distress person all the time.”

“Because you are going to have those moments, that is obvious,” she added. “But at the same time, I think it is very important to showcase your strength because no one ever died over a breakup. You may feel like you are going to, but you are going to be fine.”

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