Remy Ma Rushed to the Hospital with Excessive Bleeding Days After Giving Birth

Remy Ma is now reportedly in the hospital, just days after giving birth to a little girl.

According to TMZ, the rapper began to have excessive bleeding on Tuesday and was rushed to the hospital. She then underwent surgery and received a blood transfusion, which is all seemingly connected to the difficult birth she had.

In fact, Papoose told their followers how hard it was for his wife during the delivery. The newborn is the couple’s first child together.

Remy Ma was rushed to the hospital days after giving birth.


“Tough labor,” wrote Papoose on social media. “But my wife is still fighting through it. She’s a warrior. Keep us in your prayers. #TheGoldenChild is on the way.”

At this time, Remy is said to be doing fine and the surgery was a complete success. She’s even scheduled to leave the hospital in the next 24 hours.

But still, her fans showed plenty of concern for the Bronx rapper, and they flooded her Instagram page with well-wishes and encouragement. Many also expressed excitement about seeing the baby, who’s name has yet to be revealed.

“Hope you have a speedy recovery,” one person wrote. “Sending positive energy and vibes to you and your family’s way.”

“Remy is in my prayers,” wrote someone else. “She is strong and will pull through whatever.”

“Praying for you guys,” a third person commented. “Hope @remyma is doing better. Can’t wait to see the baby, though.”

The couple has been calling the baby the Golden Child for quite some time, because it was a major struggle for Remy to get pregnant this last time.

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