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Nene Leakes Gathers Eva Marcille After She Catches Her in Lie

Eva Marcille found herself in hot water again with another castmate Nene Leakes after lying about her bachelorette party. Leakes confronted Marcille about not receiving an invite to the gathering even though she was asked to speak in her wedding.

On Sunday, December 16 episode, Porsha Williams brought up the bachelor party during the “RHOA” girls trip to Destin, Florida. Leakes was stunned to learn she wasn’t invited yet Williams was. “How do you be in somebody’s wedding and they don’t invite you to the bachelorette weekend,” said Leakes. Marcille tried to weasel her way out of the question by saying the party was a surprise and that Leakes was too busy. But when the other cast members pressed her about the surprise, the new peach holder confessed she knew about the party but was not privy to the guest list. The Swagg Boutique owner quickly chimed in after the other ladies confronted the model,  “Even if you thought a person was busy, you still extend the invite. Whether they are busy or not,” Leakes said.

In the confessional, Leakes further explained the principle of inviting her to the bachelorette party. “I don’t know if I would’ve gone to Eva’s bachorlette party but an invite would’ve been nice. I mean she did ask me to speak at her wedding.”

All though Marcille a fairly new peach holder, this isn’t her first scrap with the divas. On the Nov. 25 episode, Marcille was called out by Marlo Hampton for being the biggest liar. Marcille said, “I’m learning to not be surprised by what Marlo says… But, I must say, I was definitely caught off guard.” She continued, “To call someone a liar is a big accusation, and I’m still waiting to understand her reasoning. It was random and unnecessary.”


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