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DJ Envy Disses State Troopers as ‘Some of the Dumbest People on the Face of the Planet’ After He Claims They Racially Profiled Him

DJ Envy is putting New York state troopers on blast claiming they racially profiled him during a recent traffic stop.

The Breakfast Club” host on Tuesday was on his way to a gig at Starlet’s Gentlemen’s Club in Queens, New York when officers pulled him over alleging he was swerving and later claiming the VIN didn’t match on the vehicle. Envy took to his Instagram Story to give his side of the tale.

“It’s a f–king loaner,” the radio host explains on Dec. 18. “‘Why is your car in the shop?’ Why else would my car be in the shop? Obviously, something’s wrong and they gave me a loaner. These state troopers gotta be some of the dumbest people on the face of this planet … Frick and Frack back there.”

Envy, whose real name is Raashaun Casey, went on to explain he was not speeding but allegedly wasn’t in his lane.

“This is a loaner, shout out to Mercedes, they gave me a loaner with 10 miles on it, so brand-new loaner,” he says. “And they trying to figure out why I got a brand new car. They asked me 10 times where do I live, where am I going? … They said, ‘Where do you work?’ I said, ‘I work in the city. I don’t have to tell you where I work.’

“I’m really mad cause I couldn’t curse him out,” he went on. “‘Cause he threw the license and registration back in the car and I couldn’t even ask his name, I couldn’t curse him out. I really wish I was driving an exotic so I could really s—, but I had the loaner. The guy said, ‘Where do you work?’ I said, ‘In the city.’ He says, ‘Where in the city?’ I said, ‘I told you in the city. I ain’t gotta tell you.’ He says, ‘I was just having conversation with you.’ N—a, I don’t want to have conversation with you! Stop talkin’ to me! I ain’t do nothin’!”

The host didn’t explicitly state whether or not he was ticketed but noted he was on his way to Starlet’s and declared he’d calmed down, but still the officer “was a prick!”

Envy’s post garnered lots of support.

“That’s crazy man @cduncan31”

“I agree with that! We ALL know why they pulled you and that they are hating…. 🙏🏾 God be with you and 🖕🏾em’ 😂”

“This is crazy damn shame they have no respect and no cause and no ticket …they should be fined for your time @djenvy.”

But one Instagram user, who is a police officer, disagreed with how Envy handled things. The two had a back and forth in direct messages, which Envy shared on his page.

“See… This is the problem… Instead of asking envy what happened… The 1st thing he said was, Envy you are wrong… We need more officers, judges, district attorneys, correction officers etc. to stand up for their community,” Envy said in the caption accompanied by screenshots of the interaction. “He had me on the side of the road for 30min and even called a tow truck because ‘I wasn’t in my lane…’ … I’m just tired of the bulls—… I’d rather them just say, ‘2 blacks in a car we wanna make sure the car is not stolen…’ Be upfront with your racism.. and This officer @cj.santi doesn’t seem bad just uninformed….”

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