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Princess Love Deletes All Photos of Baby Melody After Learning Internet Is Full of Trolls

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Princess Love recently pulled an unexpected move after she claims folks were leaving vile comments about her six-month old daughter on social media.

Unlike several other celebrities, Love and her husband Ray J. Norwood have been open to sharing photos and videos of their adorable daughter Melody Love. But now the mother of one decided to remove all pictures of the six-month-old from her Instagram and Twitter.

Love explained that she was fed up with trolls making “cruel” remarks underneath baby Melody’s photos.

“The disgusting things people right [sic] under the picture of a child. I WILL NEVER POST MELODY’S PHOTO EVER AGAIN ON SOCIAL MEDIA.”

Princess Love


The 34-year-old’s mother decision to pull Melody’s images from the Internet sparked several reactions from fans and celebrities, including “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss who told Love to ignore the social media trolls.

“Don’t allow these people to get to you. Your baby is absolutely gorgeous! Seeing her pics make me smile everyday. Just turn off comments but don’t stop posting her❤,” Burruss commented.

Other folks agreed with the “RHOA” actress and suggested for Love to turn the comments off on or block the naysayers on Melody’s photos.

“Please do not stop posting Melody ❤… that baby makes me smile every time I see her, she is too cute and always happy….as @kandi has advised, just turn off the comments. You are a great mom, and we appreciate you gracing us with so much cuteness of baby melody …and her milestones.. screw the haters.”

“Block them pigs.. but please don’t stop posting her.. she’s such a gorgeous happy baby.. and brings a smile and joy to so many hearts 😩😍.”

One person told Love to do what was best for she and her child.

“The world is a sick place I love seeing her she is so cute. But you do what you feel is best @princesslove ❤️❤️.”

Although the “LHHH” star vowed to never photos of her daughter again, Norwood doesn’t seem to share the sentiment.

Love and the “One Wish” singer welcomed their baby Melody into the world in May. She’s the couple’s first child together.

Princess Love

photo credit: Princess L. (L) and Melody Love (R)

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