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K. Michelle is Looking to Hire Girlfriend to Share with BF: ‘No Past STD’s’

K. Michelle was hoping to add a third party to her relationship.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star uploaded a memo to her Instagram page Monday, Dec. 17 telling the public she wants to have a girlfriend join her and boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean she wants the prospective dater to get too close.

“I’m also hiring a girlfriend for 2019. No drama, great personality, no previous or past STD’s. Must contain a lot of melanin. Must be smart and educated with a lot to loose. Must not fall in love with me because I have a man. We are open but not friendly. Must live in Memphis, LA, or Miami where I reside! Thanks apply below,” the notice stated.

In the caption, the singer clarified further stating, “I’m hiring in all areas of my life. Hey girl apply below. NDA, criminal background checks😂 Positions pays well, and offers extensive travel to tropical locations and all around the world with me to shows and events. Apply below or DM me💋 It’s a Holiday! MUST BE 25 and up!”

But the star may have had a change of heart as by Tuesday afternoon, the notice was removed from her Instagram page.

K. Michelle


Regardless, the post caught steam online and social media users were not afraid to share their thoughts.

“Somebody get Kimberly’s phone right tf now 😂.”

“This s— so stupid.”

“She wants someone smart and educated but used the word ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’??”

“Don’t nobody want her messy azz.”

“Wooo chillAY.”

“Just annoying period.. once again just sing and go chile.”


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