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‘I’ll Drink to That:’ Fans Adore Keyshia Cole’s Latte Bearing Her Likeness

Keyshia Cole was handed a sweet treat when she got a cosmetic laser procedure done recently, and fans marveled at an unusual detail in her drink.

The singer visited the offices of Dr. Simon Ourian Thursday to get laser resurfacing on her skin and was treated to a latte bearing her face and name.

“Having a @KeyshiaCole Latte, they’re always so sweet to me In @simonourianmd1 Office, I told him I would show u guys before and after pics of the #COOLLASER I got a few days ago. He was confident I would see the difference 🙏🏽 ☺️” the star captioned the Dec. 13 Instagram post of her taking a sip of the caffeinated beverage.

keyshia cole


Amazed at how the staff at Epione managed to get Cole’s face into the coffee, fans couldn’t help but share their thoughts — including those confused by what they saw.

“That is so tiet how they did that👌😳”

“Now I’ll drink to that!!!”

“Oh shanap that’s dope. I jus noticed ya face in the latte 💙💙💙”

“I want one.”

“Am I the only one that’s sees the face in drink?”

“I thought it was a picture of a baby in the mug at first. 😩😩”

“Thought I was tripping lol.”

“@maj0rbandz__ thought I was bugging for a second too lol.”

“@keyshiacole Cool Kesh is that real? What good Keyshia Cole.. when you gonna have new music.

While fans marveled at the drink Cole geared up to undergo a procedure featuring a laser that Dr. Ourian had custom made. It’s meant not to pigment darker skin and cut recovery time to just two weeks, according to Coveteur.

“It’s a dual-mode, high-definition, fractionated CO2 laser,” Ourian explained. “And it’s different in that it cools the skin while simultaneously emitting microscopically thin columns of laser. … It’s the middle ground between having a treatment that’s effective enough, while still promising minimal downtime.”

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