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Baby Melody Norwood Has Fans Eating Out of Her Hands

Baby Melody Norwood is growing up rapidly in front of everyone’s eyes, and the fans are adoring her growth. Mels has moved on to eating solid foods like a big girl.

Mels’ pops, Ray J, attended the TV One Urban One Awards in Washington on Tuesday, and he missed his baby girl. He shared an adorable video of his little princess snacking on a cookie and chewing her food.

Ray J shared the video on Tuesday to his Instagram,because he missed her so much. In his caption he wrote, “I miss you @melodylovenorwood – You are my heart and soul! -”

The fans adored the 6-month-old infant looking so precious and how she seemed to enjoy the food.

“You know it’s good when you take it away from your mouth and look at it like damn this is good.”

“She look like she thinkin, ‘hmph, this sh*t is good.'”

“She tearing that biscuit up. My son loves the banana flavor.”

“Rn me when I have a snack”

Winning the hearts of her fans is something that Melody has mastered. Just last month, Mels was in her first solo photo shoot that the fans could not get enough of. The infant was seen in the post wearing what appears to be a bunny costume with long adorable ears at the top. The fans left comments like, “SHE HANDS DOWN IS THE CUTEST CELEBRITY BABY!”

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