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Kodak Black Explains Why He Didn’t ‘Tear the Whole Radio Station Up’ During Intense Interview With Ebro

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden had his say, now Kodak Black has spoken out, telling his side of the story.

The Florida rapper recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club,” just a few days after he and Darden had a very intense exchange.

Darden brought up Kodak’s sexual misconduct accusation during the talk, Kodak walked out and a video of it went viral. Darden then addressed the interview shortly after that and said he had every right to bring up the accusation.

Kodak Black addressed his recent interview with Ebro Darden


But Kodak said the Hot 97 host was out of line, and he had to keep himself from losing it.

“I feel like people don’t want to see this happy-go-lucky Kodak, vibing and cooling and sh–,” he told “The Breakfast Club” crew. “And the interview was about to end so good … I wanted to tear this whole radio station up. I felt like that. But at the same time I’m sitting down with all these people, like, talking money. So if I would’ve showed out, I would’ve scared my money away again.”

The 21-year-old also revealed that some of his family members contacted him and said they were proud that he kept his cool, especially since he’s had a lot of legal problems over the years and is trying to do better.

“My momma, my family, my people hit me up,” Kodak explained. “I’m so proud of you how you handled that.”

You can see Kodak’s “Breakfast Club” interview below, where the rapper also explained why he moved from his home state of Florida to Calabasas, Calif. You can hear him talk about the Darden interview at the 12:01 mark.

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