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Fans Confuse Tamar Braxton for Magic Johnson’s Son EJ Johnson In Christmas-Themed Photo

Tamar Braxton just wanted to share how much she was feeling the Christmas spirit but her photo op was derailed by comments about her appearance.

“All up in that holiday @fashionnova 🎁,” Braxton captioned the festive post while standing next to her tree wearing a bright color-block sweater with leggings.

Fans praised her tree but instantly criticized her look.

“Looks like botox in your cheeks…”

“Tree look beautiful ! That botched face job not so much! Give your face a rest! You’re not that old ! Did you get the memo black don’t crack!!!😘”

“why do most you black successful women choose to get all these bullshit surgeries? Damn do you want everything in your life to be perfect destroying what God thought was perfect for you? Love yourself lady stop doing goofy white girl shit”

“Please love yourself stop getting work done on your face ok.. You’re beautiful”

Other fans began comparing her new look to EJ Johnson.

tamar braxton

“Looking like EJ Johnson”

“I thought that was EJ for a min 🤣🤣”

“@ericamonet damn I had to double check the name I thought this was EJ no 🧢”

“Not even trying to be rude or throw shade, but I swear I thought this was EJ Johnson, until I saw Tamar’s name.”

“EJ looks just like Tamar.”

“if you didn’t look like a muppet before you do now, ej looking muppet.”

“@maresha41 EJ looks like her lol she’s born a woman.”

Yet it wasn’t all shady comments from haters. Several of Braxton’s fans shared loving remarks about her festive picture and defended her look.

“she has natural high cheek bones and even it was botox shes still bomb so u stfu and have a nice day”

“Love u beautiful @tamarbraxton ❤️❤️❤️”

“Love the tree and the sweater is LIFE!”

“baby her face ain’t botched so shut the fuck up”

“she hasn’t had nose surgery again because she can’t have surgery due to her having so many blood clots and those are her natural cheekbones so stfu.😒🙄🙄”

“Gorgeous darling!! I hope you were playing your Christmas album in the background while taking this beautiful picture. I love it it’s everything. 😍😍😍 Merry Christmas Tamar Love You Gurl😘😘”

“Awwww so pretty.”

The singer has faced comparisons to Magic Johnson’s famous son before but it doesn’t seem as if the holiday season has caused trolls to ease up on making them. Some insisted the remark was not meant as a dig, but some fans felt the comments were clearly meant to be shady.

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