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Tammy Rivera Returns Fire When Fan Trashes her Look

Tammy Rivera thought she looked pretty fly in a recent picture, but a hater thought otherwise. Rivera had some choice words in response for the Instagram troll.

Tammy Rivera

On Thursday the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star shared a photo of her casual pose in a little outfit she put together. Rivera is depicted wearing a long black and white trench coat with what appears to be a white blouse with black polka dots underneath. She paired the mix of patterns with black jeans along with pink and purple sneakers.

One critic thought they could drag Rivera on her look. “It really doesn’t matter how much it cost or who made it it’s funny and Like We Say In Texas Take That Monkey Ass Shit Off You’re Embarrassing Us…😘..Now that’s even funnier..”

Rivera clapped back by talking about the the hater’s looks: “sis your eye brows are on the side of your face and you talking bout monkey’s … what’s about clowns 🤡 cause this is what you look like.”

The fans thought the reality star’s comeback was hilarious.

“really on the side of her face 😂”

“@charliesangelll 😂😂😩 hell nah she funny asf not the eyebrows”

“@charliesangelll🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 a clown 🤡 I’m weak”

“@charliesangelll that clap back 😂😂😂💯😘😍”

This diva always has been quick to put trolls in their place. Back in September, Rivera hit back at a fan for insinuating that she was a bad mother because she let her daughter Charlie wear a crop top.

Someone commented, “How old is she wearing a crop top. My mom would never…”

Rivera simply responded, “I’m not your mom.”

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