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‘Stop Lying Ma’am:’ Bernice Burgos Gets Flamed After Crediting the Gym for Her Curves

Urban model Bernice Burgos is under fire for saying exercise is responsible for her curvaceous figure.

Burgos is known in the entertainment industry for her “junk in the trunk” and the 38-year-old appears to be claiming that her booty is all natural. She took to Instagram on Tuesday, Dec. 11 and shared a photo flaunting her backside. She posed for the Gram in her Daisy Duke shorts and yellow crop top hoodie.

The 38-year-old grandmother captioned the image, “The gym got my ass looking right .. sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️.’

Bernice Burgos

photo credit @realberniceburgos

Social media users slammed Burgos for to trying to credit “the gym” for her voluptuous booty instead of the surgical enhancements she allegedly had.

“Smh lying for what😂🤦🏽‍♀️ u know damn well you had surgery be proud of it. Don’t lie about it ain’t nobody dumb 😭.”

“Girl, stop it… you cute and all but we all know you paid for them peaches! 🍑.”

“You should stop lying maam SUR-GYM😂😂 you mean.”

” I ain’t hating but stop use the word gym for wat the doc do dats all 😩.”

The Gym??? LMFAO. GURL BYE… go get some more injections. That ain’t cuz of squats.”

Others defended Burgos and felt she looked “great” whether or not she had surgery.

“Who cares if she got surgery or not she looks great! 😍”

“Just because her butt big DOESN’T MEAN ITS FAKE YALL MAD IGNORANT.”

Burgos clapped back at one critic who accused her of having a surgically enhanced bottom, “I never denied it. BUT it’s almost 2019 do you want my doctors number boo 🙄?”

In a 2017 interview with the “Breakfast Club“, Burgos admitted to going under the knife to have plastic surgery done on her body.

“I have done a little bit of everything… I did my butt first,” the model told the radio co-hosts. “That was the first thing I did after I had my second daughter. I had these two dents [on my butt], and I just wanted to fill them up.”

Burgos allegedly dated rapper T.I. in 2017 and was accused of breaking up the musician’s marriage with his wife Tiny Harris. She later addressed rumors in an online post, “That home had BEEN broken. … NEVER dealt with a married man in my life… Technically when a person files for divorce it’s saying they’re moving on with their lives & their marriage has failed… NEVER have I ever been passed around.”

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