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‘She is a Nasty Woman:’ Wendy Williams Trashed for ‘Disrespectful’ Comment About Nick Cannon’s Love Child

Wendy Williams was called disrespectful for referring to one of Nick Cannon‘s kids as an “oops baby,” meaning the child wasn’t planned. At the same time, Cannon was given credit for the way he handled things, rather playfully instead of reacting with hurt or anger.

At first Nick talked about his plans for the holidays, which includes stops at various households because he has “an extended family.”

Wendy Williams is being called Disrespectful for calling Nick Cannon's child an "Ooops Baby"

Nick was referring to the two kids he has with ex-wife Mariah Carey and the child he has with ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell. Then while he was talking, Wendy made the baby remark.

“And then to the oops baby,” she said.

“The disrespect,” Nick replied, seemingly shocked by what he just heard. “The oops baby?”

“You were only with the girl, like, it just happened,” Wendy said. “Then all of a sudden she was pregnant.”

“Nick definitely handled that way better than I would,” one person commented after the show. “That’s all Imma say.”

“Mad props to Nick,” wrote another. “Everyone could take a lesson from him on class, including me ’cause I’m petty AF. I woulda lost it.”

And people really came for Wendy too.

“That baby will see this one day. That was rude AF,” someone wrote. ”

“She is a nasty woman,” wrote another.

“She got nerves,” a third person commented. “Don’t her husband have a whole other woman for like 10 years?”

Wendy hasn’t apologized for the remark and probably won’t since that’s not her style. You can check out the clip of her talking to Nick below at the 1:38 mark.

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