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‘Married to Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris Trashed After Asking for Money for Hubby’s Birthday

Toya Bush-Harris has been called out by fans for soliciting money for her husband’s birthday while the couple continues construction on their $2 million home.

The “Married to Medicine” star posted a screenshot of Dr. Eugene Harris’ Cash App account so fans could send him some funds as he celebrates his latest trip around the sun. Bush-Harris even agreed she’d apparently match every dollar fans gifted Harris.

“It’s His Birthday It’s His Birthday!!! Nope we ain’t hitting’ no club … His sons are taking him out. He’s too old to walk around with dollars pinned on him lol… So this is my gift to you Honey!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Ya’ll give him a $1 and I will too! Hahaha! Happy Birthday Honey … We love You and are wishing you many more … #happybirthday #eugene #is #old #lol #weloveyou #harrisfam,” Bush-Harris captioned the post, which may have been a joke.

toya bush-harris

In the hours that the birthday post was left up, fans swarmed Bush-Harris’ comments section with comments pointing out the absurdity of her asking for birthday money for her hubby when the pair has documented building their huge new home on M2M.

“I know you f–king lying!! And you just bought that big ass house.”

“Is posting your cash app info a new thing? I’ve been seeing it lately. I personally think it’s tacky especially when you’re building a mansion with a 2 story closet.”

“SMH all kinds of wrong.”

“I know damn well y’all not asking fans to donate.”

“Y’all saying it’s a joke but if you sent him some money bet he keeping it.”

“Just lost all respect I can’t believe someone who is considered a reality star and sure the f—k acts like a boss on t.v. would put her husband’s cash app out there like that who is a doctor lol people never cease to amaze me… You need a new ass Toya or some new titties maybe some lips lets be real.”

The post was ultimately deleted.

Bush-Harris and Harris have been building their new home as they continue into their 10th year of marriage following past financial struggles. The couple has since paid off their debts and learned how to live within their means.

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