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Toya Bush-Harris of ‘Married to Medicine’ Confirms She and Husband Eugene Have Paid Off Their $170K Debt: ‘Praise God That Is Over!’

Toya Bush-Harris is spilling details about coming out of her past financial issues and in an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star, she says she and husband Dr. Eugene Harris have put that behind them.

“Praise God that that is something that is over,” Bush-Harris said Tuesday, Aug. 21. “Honestly we left season five, we had our ‘In the Black’ party and for us, that meant that we were mentally at a place where we were no longer going to make childish decisions as it relates to our money and our finances.

Toya Bush-Harris

(Bravo TV)

“We were also at a place where we had paid off our debt,” she added. “We did it faster than most people and we were excited that God has blessed us with the means to do so.”

She added that the couple’s focus is now on their family and that every financial decision is based on their kids. The couple had racked up nearly $170,000 in debt owed to the IRS, which led Dr. Harris to pick up extra shifts at the hospital as shown on season 4. Still, castmates like Quad Webb-Lunceford felt the Bush-Harris wasn’t taking their financial issues seriously as she dropped some dough on a shopping outing. The moment led Miss Quad to show up to her home posing as if she were auditing Bush-Harris.

“Do I still love to shop? Absolutely. Does he still love to shop and buy me things? Absolutely,” Bush-Harris admitted. “But is that more important than making sure we put that money into our children’s savings account or into their education? Things of that nature.”

Still, Bush-Harris stopped short of saying she’s frugal or that she and her husband are budgeting.

“I did learn to budget but I also just learned to be wiser,” she said, noting that it wasn’t the Bravo series that helped her come to that realization.

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