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Joseline Hernandez’s Photo with Rapper Consequence Descends Into Complete Chaos for All the Wrong Reasons

Joseline Hernandez posted up with rapper Consequence in a photo and fans blasted the guy about his looks.

Hernandez shared a photo of her and Consequence posing together in a retail store with three sunglasses emojis in the caption. The photo seemed innocent enough, however, the seasoned rapper and songwriter became the instant target of criticism. Consequence, who was also featured on season 3 of “Love and Hip Hop: New York”, has worked with many well-known artists such as Kanye West, John Legend and A Tribe Called Quest. His accomplishments did little to quelch the onslaught.

Joseline Hernandez

“You can see them teeth through his lips closed”

“That n*gga head shape like a egg”

“He looks like he bites hard” “mega mind lookin ass nigga”

“Why he look like a sick 50 cent from that one movie”

“Do his breath stink? it look like it”

One fan spoke out and defended the duo.

“Its crazy how grown ppl be on here talking crazy about others. Wow soo many are very disrespectful in every way. Do some self reflection ppl and grow up.”

Another added, “these people life just that bad they wait till she post to be so mean and childish as to she’s not supposed to enjoy her own life, make choices, or have opinions.”

Hernandez has been diligently working on her rap career. It’s unclear what role Consequence will play in helping her accomplish that goal.

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