Tami Roman’s ‘Transformation’ Continues and Fans Applaud

Tami Roman has a new attitude.

Months after announcing she’s going to focus on the positive and leave the negativity behind, Roman has proved she’s making sure she does just that.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Friday uploaded a photo set to her Instagram page and wrote in the caption, “Meet me where I’m at, not where I used to be…”

tami roman


Fans applauded her message and her look, which has become a massive hit with fans as of late.

“What a transformation!! You are awesome!”

“Absolutely stunning!”

“Yup! Everything in life is time!”

“I would LOOOOVE to work on your GLAM SQUAD ONE DAY! I love everything about your new Swagg!”

“@tamroman you have come a long way. Growth is a virtue. I respect you. I look up to you as a business woman.”

Roman has effectively banished the negativity of “BBW” and forged ahead by focusing on her career. Over the summer, news broke about the many projects Roman was looking to tackle, including continuing her “Bonnet Chronicles” series on Tidal, filming a movie called “Fall Girls,” and collaborating with Snoop Dogg on a late-night variety show called “Get Into It…Forizzle.” To top it all off, Roman is also working on her own spin-off reality show called “Beverly Trill Billies” with longtime boyfriend Reggie Youngblood.

The star appears to be so busy that fans even wondered if she’d be coming back to “Basketball Wives” for season 8.

She wound up assuring folks in July that she’s not going anywhere, tweeting, “Let me address ALL of your tweets…whew you got a lot of time. Here goes, sick of me-ok, leaving show-nope, booked&busy-yup but I need All my checks I got bills. Have a wonderful day & rest your fingers 💋.”

Yet, by October the star indicated she may have changed her mind. When a fan asked her on Instagram if she’d be returning, she said, “no comment.”

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